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Sun Block Window Films is an official 3M™ Window Films dealer and installer in Columbus, Ohio. 3M Window Films can help increase tenant comfort, conserve energy and even ... sun control window film patent in 1966, and our innovative window film products. Experience the Power of 3M Window Film Are you ready to transform your windows into shields of protection and style? At Sun Block Window Film, we are proud to be your authorized 3M window film dealer and installer, bringing the pinnacle of window film technology to Columbus, Ohio. Learn more about our 3M products for Columbus, Ohio.

3M Fasara

3M Fasara series Sun Block Window Film

3M Fasara™ is a family of polyester, decorative films for glass surfaces that transform an interior’s ambiance with finishes that have depth, subtly, modernity, energy, precision and more. Created in collaboration with leading designers from across the globe, the new, trend-setting collection will give you even more ways to create stunning visual effects on interior glass surfaces, as well as add privacy and control light.

3M Night Vision

3M Night Vision series Sun Block Window Film

3M Night Vision residential window film series. The Night Vision series provided enhanced views, savings and comfort. Better sight at night. The night vision series helps block the sun's damaging UV rays, reduce glare and reject up to 71% of the sun's heat. Night Vision films allow 15% to 35% of the natural light into your rooms by day, and thanks to a low interior reflectivity, you can still enjoy the view out by night.

3M Affinity

3M Affinity series Sun Block Window Film

3M Affinity is a sun control, commercial window film series. The Affinity series saves energy, improve privacy and aesthetics on a budget. The Traditional Series includes silver reflective films with excellent solar protection, rejecting up to 79% of all solar energy, helping to provide energy savings and improved comfort.

3M Prestige

3M Prestige series Sun Block Window Film

3M Prestige series is a sun control residential window film. The Prestige series lets in the light. Not the heat. Superior comfort and clarity designed to maintain the appearance of your home. Prestige Series films combine lower than glass reflectivity with film options that allow most of the light into your home. Prestige Series films allow 40% to 70% of the natural light into your home. The only thing you'll see day or night, inside or out, is a beautiful window.

Commercial 3M Window Film

When tenants complain about rooms that are too hot or you notice that your energy costs are trending skyward, 3M™ Window Films can help. Our films offer protection from accidents, natural disasters, break and entry, bomb blasts and flying glass fragments. They could also simply help upgrade your glass to code. Get commercial window film installed for your business.

Residential 3M Window Film

Live comfortably in every room of your home with 3M™ Window Films. Whether you're concerned about excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, security or privacy, we have a window film to help you enhance the comfort of your home. Get residential window film installed at your house.

Columbus, Ohio 3M Window Film Solutions

Columbus, Ohio Authorized 3M Window Film Dealer

Sun Block Window Film is an authorized 3M Window Film dealer in Columbus, Ohio. We provide the knowledge to help you select the perfect product for your project. Big or small, we love to help. We specialize in providing sun control solutions utilizing 3M window films with the quality you can count on!

Whether you need to control heat, reduce fading, reduce glare, increase security, or decorate your glass we have the solution. Only 3M provides the highest quality window films combined with leading edge technology to meet all of your needs. And all of the installations are backed by a 3M manufacturer's warranty. 3M invented window films 50 years ago, and we’ve spent the past five decades innovating and improving them. As a world leader in adhesive and film technologies, our films enhance products you use every day – laptops, TVs, cell phones and more. Enhance the performance of your windows with 3M window films.

Sun Block Window Film is an Authorized 3M Dealer in Columbus, Ohio and we look forward to helping you with your home or commercial window solutions.

Authorized 3M window film dealer in Columbus, Ohio

3M Authorized Window Film Installation

Your trusted authorized 3M window film installer in Columbus, Ohio. Are you ready to transform your windows? Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can make your space more comfortable and beautiful with our 3M window films. Your journey to a cooler, more comfortable environment begins with a simple contact

What is 3M Window Film Used For?

  • Residential Installation: Enhance your home's comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency with 3M residential window film.

  • Commercial Solutions: Protect your business assets, boost employee comfort, and reduce energy bills with 3M commercial window film.

  • Safety and Security: Strengthen your windows against break-ins and accidents with 3M safety and security window film.

  • Decorative Finishes: Add style, privacy, and branding to your space with a variety of decorative window films.

Why 3M Window Film?

  • Unmatched Expertise: With 3M, you're not just getting window film; you're getting over a century of innovation and expertise.
  • Ultimate Protection: Shield your interiors from harmful UV rays, reduce energy costs, and enhance privacy, all while maintaining crystal-clear views.
  • Exceptional Quality: 3M's commitment to quality ensures that your investment stands the test of time, delivering consistent results for years to come.

Why Choose Sun Block Window Film as your Authorized 3 Window Film Installer?

  • Local Expertise: We understand the unique needs of Columbus residents and businesses, providing tailored solutions that cater to your specific challenges.
  • Exceptional Service: Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient installation, with minimal disruption to your daily life.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize your satisfaction. Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We stand by our work, offering a lifetime warranty on your 3M window film installation.

Discover the Future of Windows with Sun Block Window Film

Ready to experience the transformation that 3M window film can bring to your life? Contact Sun Block Window Film today for a free consultation and estimate. Let's discuss how our authorized 3M window film dealer and installer services can enhance your Columbus, Ohio space, offering style, protection, and energy savings that last a lifetime.

Authorized 3M Dealer Serving Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is known for its diverse architectural landscape. Our city's homes, offices, and commercial spaces deserve the very best in window film technology. Sun Block Window Film, as your local authorized 3M window film dealer and installer, is here to provide you with tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of our community. Your authorized 3M window films dealer in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. We install 3M window film in most areas of Franklin County, Ohio.
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Why Choose 3M Window Film Solutions

3M Window Film is a versatile and innovative solution designed to address various needs related to residential, commercial, and automotive window applications. Known for its high quality, durability, and performance, 3M Window Film offers a range of benefits across different categories:
  1. Solar Control: 3M Window Film includes solar control options that help manage the amount of sunlight entering a space. By reducing solar heat gain, these films improve indoor comfort levels, minimize hot spots, and decrease the workload on air conditioning systems. This results in energy savings and increased efficiency in both residential and commercial settings.

  2. UV Protection: One of the key features of 3M Window Film is its ability to block a significant portion of harmful UV rays. These films help protect occupants from the damaging effects of UV radiation, such as premature aging, skin cancer, and fading of interior furnishings, flooring, and artwork. By acting as a barrier against UV rays, 3M Window Film contributes to a healthier and more sustainable indoor environment.

  3. Glare Reduction: Glare can be a major nuisance in homes, offices, and vehicles, leading to eye strain and discomfort. 3M Window Film offers glare reduction properties that enhance visual comfort by minimizing glare from the sun and other light sources. This feature makes indoor spaces more conducive to work, relaxation, and entertainment, while also improving safety and visibility for drivers.

  4. Privacy and Decorative Options: 3M Window Film comes in a variety of tint levels, colors, and decorative patterns to suit different aesthetic preferences and privacy needs. Whether it's creating a frosted effect for increased privacy in offices or adding decorative elements to residential windows, these films offer versatility and customization options to enhance the appearance and functionality of any space.

  5. Safety and Security: In addition to solar and decorative applications, 3M Window Film includes options designed to enhance safety and security. These films help hold shattered glass together in the event of breakage and mitigating the risk of injuries from flying shards and providing an added layer of protection against forced entry and vandalism. By strengthening windows and minimizing the likelihood of break-ins, 3M Window Film enhances the safety and security of homes and businesses.

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Sun Block Window Film is proud to be Columbus Ohio's most reliable and trusted 3M dealer.

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Columbus Ohio 3M Window Film | 3M Dealer in Columbus Ohio
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 5 reviews
 by A review from Angie's List
A description of a 3M authorized dealer estimate in Columbus, Ohio

The Sales Rep was on time and did a thorough evaluation of our windows. Recommended several products by 3M. The cost was very competitive. We opted to go with another provider that uses Vista window film. Would recommend as an installer if you want the 3M window film.

Description of work:
Provided Estimate for Window Tinting

 by A review from Angie's List
Columbus Ohio 3M authorized prestige dealer

We had solar film on skylights which needed to be professionally removed due to cracking. We were able to get an appointment quickly and at a convenient time. The service provider did an excellent job. It took him quite a while to get the film completely removed, while standing on a ladder. My husband and I were glad that we hadn't tried to tackle the job ourselves! He was very neat and cleaned up completely. We thought $120 was a very fair price for the work involved. Would definitely recommend.

Description of work:
Removed old solar film from skylights.

 by A review from Angie's List
3M Window residential dealer in Columbus, Ohio

The company rep was very responsive to my concerns and very helpful in my determining the proper product. I had started out looking at window blinds with another company, but realized this option would be much less expensive and would not impede the views, which I love. The first round of installation had some complications, which the rep was expedient about addressing. Apparently there had been an issue with the product, so they reapplied film to the two windows that had problems. Then, once I realized how great the result was, I added two more windows. At all times it was clear to me that my satisfaction--with the product and with the process--was the number one priority of this company.

Description of work:
I have a wall of windows that face west. Daily, the afternoon sun beats into the room raising the temperature and fading the wood floors. Sunblock installed window film to reduce significantly the amount of UV light that enters the room--dramatically reducing interior temps and blocking the risk of fading.

 by A review from Angie's List
A review by Angie's list user review of Columbus Ohio 3M

Installer was extremely professional and pleasant (very comfortable having in my home). Quality job! Cleaned up after the job. The owner responded to a question regarding a scratch to the film (from house guests) by coming out to view it himself. The film has substantially affected the temperature of the room (the room was always 5-10 degrees hotter than any other room in the house due to direct sun and large windows). The film has caused that room to be equal in temperature to the other rooms in the house. Would definitely recommend!

Description of work:
Window film added to large picture windows.

 by Anonymous
Columbus Ohio authorized dealer review

Installer was extremely professional and pleasant (very comfortable having in my home). Quality job! Cleaned up after the job. The owner responded to a question regarding a scratch to the film (from house guests) by coming out to view it himself. The film has substantially affected the temperature of the room (the room was always 5-10 degrees hotter than any other room in the house due to direct sun and large windows). The film has caused that room to be equal in temperature to the other rooms in the house. Would definitely recommend!

Description of work:
Window film added to large picture windows.