Reduce fading from sunlight

Sun Block Window Film Works to Keep Color BRIGHT

What is “fading?” It’s the lightening of the intensities of colors over time when exposed to the sun. Fading occurs in upholstered furniture especially, but can also degrade wood items, and paintings and other work that hangs on the wall. There are actually multiple causes of fading, most of which relate to the sun.

Sun Block Window Film works to eliminate all the causes of fading

Fading is technically called photodegradation, which comes from a Greek word “photo” which means light. BUT, there are other causes, all related to the action of the sun. The chemical makeup of a color comes from the wavelength of the different colors that are present in dyes.

The three basic causes of fading are ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (UV), VISIBLE LIGHT and SOLAR HEAT.

Ultraviolet light causes about 40 percent of the fading problem. UV is the strongest and most dangerous part of the sun’s radiation. Window glass filters out almost all of the UVB rays, which are the ones that are most responsible for sunburn and skin cancer, but does NOT filter out UVA. UV radiation is invisible to the human eye but has a bleaching effect on any color.

Sun Block Window Film virtually eliminates UV light, reducing it by up to 99 percent.

Visible Light is literally the light we SEE on a sunny day. It causes about 25 percent of fading. The proper level of tinting will block AND reflect this light.

Sun Block Window Film can almost totally eliminate visible light damage.

Solar Heat is the warmth that we feel from the sun. It makes up another 25 percent of the fading issue. Heat can be by absorbed by various types of window coverings or reflected/rejected by tinting.

Sun Block Window Film is designed to reject almost 80 percent of solar heat.

All in all, installing Sun Block Window Film is a highly efficient and cost-saving way to significantly reduce all the solar issues that cause fading.