Heat and Glare Control

Eliminate the Heat and Glare!

Why Sun Block Window Film Can Make Your Home Life Better

Sometimes the intensity of summer can make the interior of your home less than pleasant. A hot day in July or August can make you feel like you’re being baked in an oven. If you tend to avoid some parts of your home it probably means you need to consider ways to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Sun Block Window Film can reflect almost 80% of the sun’s rays – and heat – and allow you to enjoy your ENTIRE home.

Curtains and blinds can block some of the heat, they also eliminate the benefit of natural light. Trying to keep the sun from making staying in those “hot spots” can also increase your use of electricity to provide light for activities like reading or even so children can play.

Using Sun Block Window Film allows enough light to enter for all activities, without bringing the heat with it.

Turning up the air conditioning is another expense most of us would like to avoid, and while “cranking up the AC” may keep those rooms bearable, other areas may get a little chilly. Even adding fans, which costs money, may only provide a marginal increase in comfort. Plus the noise and wind movement that fans create can become annoying.

Sun Block Window Film doesn’t require electricity, it’s a passive solution that won’t “break the bank.”

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