Comfort at Home

How to Enjoy Your Home – MORE – with Sun Block Window Film

You want to enjoy all the areas in your home, all the time that you’re there. But even though summer sunlight is delightful, it can lower the comfort of multiple areas in your home substantially. Light from the sun is literally radiation. Because regular window glass has no filtering effect, all of the energy of the sun in the form of light waves can go right through your windows and cause discomfort or even be a health hazard.

Sun Block Window Film is designed to lessen the power of the sun while increasing the coziness of your home.

While window treatments are nice, no one wants to cover their view of the outdoors – especially on a beautiful day -- with thick curtains or shades just to get some relief from the sun. Old-fashioned, “cover everything/solid paste-up” window coverings don’t make the fashion grade either. While glare and heat are not pleasant, we all want our living space to be bright and open to the outdoors.

When you have us install Sun Block Window Film, you don’t lose any of your favorite views.

There is another issue with heavy, streaming summer sun - harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays that can damage your furniture, décor or even your body. While regular window glass filters UVB rays, the Skin Cancer Institute has warned that UVA rays can easily penetrate and are a risk for potential skin cancer issues.

Sun Block Window Films eliminate virtually all UV rays, including UVA, to help guard your health.

In addition, Sun Block Window Films help reduce hot spots – and electric bills – by providing even coverage.

Another point, our window films are tested at all the toughest times, including when the sun is high – the hottest part of the day – unlike other films that are only checked when the sun is perpendicular (at right angles) to the window.

That means that with Sun Block Window Films, you’re saving money AND getting the best value for protecting your home from the savage sun.