Privacy for your home

How Sun Block Window Film Can Help to Make Your Home More Secure

More and more people are concerned about the security of their home. Times have changed and with homes being empty during the day, alarm systems and other safekeeping devices have become very popular.

But, the right window film can help provide security for you in several ways:

  1. With Sun Block Window Film, you will always be able to see out, however (depending on the tint level) unwelcome visitors won’t be able to see in – even from close up
  2. In the event of accidental (or deliberate) damage to a window, film can prevent glass from shattering all over the interior of your home and also provide some structural aid to prevent a complete break
  3. Added to home security systems, just the appearance of tinted window film can deter break-ins
  4. In the event of severe weather window film will help to keep storm or wind damage to a minimum

Sun Block Window Film is one more way to keep your home private

Deterring “visitors”

While having curtains drawn or shades pulled down can keep your home private, it is almost like leaving an outside light on 24/7 – the wall of blinds/shades/curtains during the daytime says “no one’s home.” In addition, window film does NOT require opening or closing, so your home will appear the same whether you are there or not.

Privacy is part of the benefit of having a home. You may not want a casual passerby to feel that they can “peek in” which can sometimes occur with partially open blinds/shades/curtains. With Sun Block Window Film, there is NO peeking in.

Using Sun Block Window Film keeps “nosy people” from “checking out” your home which is annoying AND could for deciding to break-in.

Guarding your privacy and helping to discourage unsavory and dishonest people is important. Sun Block Window Film helps to keep your life reserved for you, NOT others.

We’ll be glad to give you more information about security and privacy– just ask!