Energy Savings and Light Control

How Can Window Films Can Work For You?

Sun Block Window Film provides an extensive portfolio of films designed to solve all your energy and light control needs. Whatever you need, we will work with you to ensure you select the best film to solve your energy and lighting issues.

Energy Savings

Reject up to 79% of the sun's heat so your rooms stay at a more even and moderate temperature. This means your air conditioning system can work more efficiently, reducing your energy costs. Save up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun.

Reduce Glare

Enjoy your tablet, laptop, or television without the annoying glare. Our films can reduce the glare by 92%.

Fade Protection

Ultraviolet light is the number one cause of fading. Our window films keep out almost 100% of these rays, ensuring that you maintain the rich color and beauty of your furnishing, flooring, and fabric.

A More Comfortable Environment

Too hot? Can't see your computer or television screen? Window film can remove 'hot spots', uneven temperatures, and annoying glare when the sun is in the 'wrong' spot.


Now privacy comes with a view. We offer a variety of solutions that protect your privacy while maintaining your view.

Curb Appeal

Window film makes all buildings look better. Office buildings with desks up against the windows and blinds raised to different positions will now have a warm and uniform appearance. Allow us to show you some options to create a professional image and enhance your building's curb appeal.